Checking out the Tewkesbury flooding


Flooding in Tewkesbury is not an uncommon event. Most of the time, it is nothing to worry about and in fact can have a beauty of its own.

After the snow at the beginning of the month had melted follow followed by a few days of heavy rain, the Tewkesbury flood plain has had to do its job again.

Starting down near the rugby club looking towards and behind the abbey, the playing fields and cricket pitch are under water

Walking from the abbey to the abbey mill and looking out the Ham shows the extent of the flooding.

Looking up officially the Ham towards the Healing’s Flour Mill on the left.
When built, it was considered to be the largest and most modern flour mill in the world, producing 25 sacks of flour an hour in 1892.

It has had, in the course of it’s history, three means of transport in and out of it. It had road access via a handsome cast-iron bridge, rail access via the Tewkesbury to Upton-upon-Severn railway line, and canal / river barge access via the Avon.

Barges were used right up until 1998, as the mill had two barges named Chaceley and Tirley which transported grain to the mill from Avonmouth and Sharpness.

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