Ibiza Cathedral


Situated at the top of the fortified area within the walls of Ibiza’s Old Town (Dalt Vila) is the cathedral. Dominating the square it stands on with a simple Gothic style, it was started in the 14th century.

Historically this area has always been a place of worship, as the first religious building in this spot was a temple by the Carthaginians in the 7th century. The cathedral there today was founded in the 14th century however not completed until the 16th. Inside is a mixture of Catalan Gothic style and later Valencian influences.

The agreement signed in 1234 by Guillermo de Montgrí, Peter of Portugal and Nuno Sanç, future conquerors of the islands, established as one of the first obligations to create a parish dedicated to Saint Mary in the city of Ibiza. This parish became a reality once the conquest was taken on, on 8th August 1235. At first, it was set up in an already existing building, maybe a Muslim mosque readapted to Christian cult.
The current building owes more to the 16th century. It became a cathedral in the 18th century. Inside there are many works of art including two Gothic painted panels by Francesc Cornes from the 14th century.

The views of the sea from here are spectacular.

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