Old Bridge – Pont Vell


Pont Vell is the old bridge that was constructed in 1927 and became the main access to the town.

Now there is a new bridge in place which is needed for today’s way of life and also for the amount of traffic.

The water from the river of the town was many years ago channelled through the fields and town to irrigate and support the village life in Santa Eulalia until the 20th century.

The river would flow all year round allowing the old flour mill ‘Can Planetes’ which was used to make all the local bread, one of the staple foods for everyday life on the island.

The mill is now a visitor’s centre built like a traditional farmhouse, it includes the watermill itself with the old wheel and all other equipment used up until 1960.

The water was also important for all the fruit trees and vegetables farmed in and around the town including those on the hillside.

Water channelled along the walls which are located between the river and the fortified church above ‘Puig di Missa’.

This fortified 16th century church can be seen from miles around,  having been built on top of the hill overlooking the town and coastline, and for over 500 years the local people would come for mass via all the little country roads.

The Turks anchored off the coast and attacked Santa Eulalia destroying the original church, so the current fortified church was built on the ruins in 1556.

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