Ibiza Update Sunday 22nd Aug 21


4 days into a truly relaxing holiday on this wonderful island. We have not done a lot really, just chilled out around the Santa Eulalia area with a quick excursion yesterday to the NE of the island through pretty unspoilt villages and towns of Sant Charles de Peralta, Cala de Sant Vincent and Sant Joan de Labritja.

The roads through the hills are an added fantastic driving experience, giving the frequent view that you would love to stop and photograph, its a shame but this is really unsafe to do with a car as the roads are too narrow and windy. If this is what your heart really desires, I would suggest hiring a bike or scooter.

Lovely little bar in the village of Sant Charles

The view down into Cala de Sant Vincent from the op of the hill coming from the direction of Sant Charles and a gem of a beach cafe.

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