Minneapolis – May 2024


Arrived yesterday after a pretty trouble free flight from London Heathrow. MSP imigration was slow at nearly 2 hours, but apart from that, a good trip.

Today being day 1 of this visit we started off with a great typical American breakfast in a fantastic diner called the ‘Fireside Lounge Bar & Restaurant‘. This is a very popular diner for very good reasons. The food and service is excellent so well worth booking ahead. (Follow the link in red to review their website.

After breakfast, we went on a 90 minute ‘Mississippi’ cruise. At only $21 per adult this was an fantastic way to chill out for a couple of hours. The historic commentary covering the way the Mississippi forged all areas of the USA, I found well presented and interesting.

The trip takes you past an early railway swing bridge (not in use any more) which has an interesting story that when it was first built, when it swung, part of it went over a landovers property. The railway tried to pay for access for the swing, but the land owner would not allow them access for any price as he was a paddle steamer operator and the introduction of the railway was putting him out of business, so the railway had to cut off the overhang and replace it with a concrete counter weight. Great historical story of poor initial planning.

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