Ibiza August 21


After 2 years stuck in the old country due to the COVID 19 virus, we have escaped for 10 days, back to the beautiful island of Ibiza and our favourite town of Santa Eulalia del Rio.

Getting all the paper work sorted to travel was a bit of a pain, but only really on the timings of getting it sorted. If you have the NHS App and have had both jabs, it is simple enough to either print off or download your proof with the required QR code, you just need to make sure that you time it right so the 30 day validity of the certificate covers your whole trip. The no earlier that 2 days before you fly out, you need to go to the Spanish Government web site and fill in your locator form. (Dont worry, it is in English). The other thing to think about is booking your fit to fly test for your return and the 2 day PCR test for after you return. We used an online company called Chronomics, just over £200 for my wife and myself. Then dont forget, you will also need your English locator form which again cannot be completed more than 2 days before you fly back. All sound complicated, but it seems to be going ok at present. I will update on my return if there are any pitfalls to avoid.

Santa Eulalia Town Hall.

Our favourite restaurant on the port called ‘Skuma’. This is not a place to eat and run. This is a place to sit and enjoy a fantastic location whilst being served great food and drink by really friendly staff.

The Ibiza style lamb shank here never fails to impress, and if it was the only reason for hopping on a plane to here, it would be well worth the current hassle of traveling.

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