Ibiza Update – Tuesday 24th August 21


Well it’s been a couple of days since my last update. Lets face it who wants to spend all day on the net when you are in such a lovely relaxing place as this.

We started yester day morning with  a walk along the high street in Santa Eulalia in the direction of Ibiza Town to the bridge then along the river to what used to be Mariners Bar. (closed and boarded up now, not sure if it will ever re-open) then along the front and back into town. Not a long walk at all, but it was already 27.5 degrees with a 65% humidity, so ended up darting between shaded areas.

The footbridge over the river pictured below used to have engraved padlocks the tourists left as memories, all across it. Sadly they seem to have all been cleared now.

Then last night we decided to have a meal in the restaurant street. (Carrer De Sant Vincent) as shown in the below map.

You will always find a good choice of places to eat and chill along this street. Point to note, as this is in the centre of town and does not really enjoy the coastal breeze, it is generally always warmer then you would expect along the front. We went early in the evening, only 7.30 pm so the street was relatively quiet. It does soon fill though.

The restaurant of choice for our meal tonight was Restaurante Rincon de Pepe which is predominately a tapas restaurant, but still has a pretty comprehensive menu for a mixed choice of food group.

We chose from the tapas menu, and the food was very well present fast, hot and tasted just as good. Well recommended. On top of this a meal for the 3 of us plus a large glass of wine came in at under 50 Euros. Can’t complain about that.

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