Local Pirates


A bit of a personal one this one. My wonderful daughter treated myself and a few family members to a private charter boat trip from Santa Eulalia port over to Formentera to celebrate my 60th. Not the cheapest of days out and possibly not in everybody’s budget, but definitely worth a consideration for a special occasion.

The trip across the med to Formentera was exhilarating,, we even got to see some dolphins in their natural habitat, followed by some fabulous relaxing time in a couple of secluded coves that our expert captain took us to where the water was crystal clear. There were a couple of coves that we had to be careful of jellyfish, which is some places are in big numbers, but it was all worth it.

The coastline of Formentera is a real contrast to Ibiza, as there is very little commercialisation with quaint little fishing boat sheds scattering the coast line.

One word of caution if you decide on one of these, whatever the temperature and sun is like on the main isle, it is much more intense out on the open water and around Formentera. Take plenty of shade, sun cream and dare I suggest it, water.

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